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You can snorkel right in front of our cottages right on Bird Point Beach.  Each of our cottages comes equipped with snorkel gear.  However, if you are interested in venturing away from the cottages we recommend: or

Kayaking or Paddle boarding

Whether it's right off the beach in front of our cottages or north to Harbour Island, you'll find plenty of places to test your paddling skills with:


The many flats up and down the Island are perfect hunting grounds for this elusive fish. Whether you are a beginner or and expert, let us hook you up with one of our local guides. One of our favorites is Paul Petty located in Governors Harbour. He specializes in both reef and bone fishing. You can call Paul at 242-332-2963.

Deep Sea Fishing - The southern end of the Island is a great place to fish for “big game.” With two full-service marinas it's easy to charter a boat. For more info: or or Capt. Erwin 242-422-9312, 242-334-0011.


Whether you're a beginner or expert, you are bound to find some tasty curls at either Surfer's Beach or James Cistern Beach.

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