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How it all started!

" Fifteen years ago my family and I took a vacation to Paradise Island. We were looking for the perfect getaway and we thought we had found it. To us, vacation was all about getting away from our fast paced work school life, that we almost lost sight of what it was like to get away from it all. Northern New Jersey can be very hectic at times so the break was truly needed, to say the least.

While on this fabulous 7 day escape, my Father became intrigued with the Bahamian lifestyle and culture. Upon him falling in love with the Bahamas, he was finally able to relax and enjoy himself and his family. After one too many Bahama Mama’s at the casino he made friends with some locals and heard stories of other Bahamian islands. There was one specific island that the locals seemed to constantly mention. The kind of place that seemed too good to be true, a place you had to see to believe. This surreal paradise that was just a 20 minute plane ride away was the mysterious island of Eleuthera, the birth place of the Bahamas.

Dad never made it to Eleuthera during that trip but once he got home he couldn’t stop talking about the score of an island he had heard about. A place he never even stepped foot on. Shortly after our return from Paradise Island he planned a solo trip to Eleuthera. Once in Eleuthera, he realized that this pristine soothing island was exactly what all the locals have gossiped about. It was pure vacation bliss. Pink soft sand, hard to find restaurants, secret caves, secluded beaches, and the most perfect ocean waves anyone could imagine; Eleuthera had it all. The palm trees swaying in the wind were so perfect that it looked like a scene out of a movie. The fresh smell of crisp ocean air, the feeling of saltwater hitting your skin, and best of all the most personalized Bahamian hospitality! Eleuthera’s spirit and energy is something the world should look up to. The Bahamian flair was ecstatic all over the island, and it stood out wherever he went.

My Father fell in love with Eleuthera, and could not stay away. He made monthly trips back and forth searching for the perfect beach front property to build his dream. His vision of beach front cottages dedicated for the most discerning vacationers slowly came together and is now a reality.

We all have now visited Eleuthera with my Father, one by one, and together as a family. Dad’s dream is now a family business where we all hope to show the world “a new way to vacation” .

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