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The Essential Eleuthera Beach Packing Tips

Vacation: va·ca·tion (noun): 1. an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling. 2. the action of leaving something one previously occupied.

Vacation! Doesn't that just have the BEST ring to it?! The definition alone is pure gold! We all need one, and we all deserve one!

Like everyone else, I have had my share of getaways. And may I add that there is really nothing like visiting the magical island of Eleuthera. It seems as if where ever I travel to, I am always over packing. In all honestly you truly do not need much for Eleuthera, just the basic beach uniform. Literally a bathing suit, cover up and some sunscreen and you are all set. Oh and we cannot forget the most chicest sunglasses and beach hat you can find.

Here are some of my tips and tricks for packing for any beach vacation:

1. Grab a notebook and write what you plan on wearing.

Whenever I go anywhere I may sure I lay out each outfit, and write down what I will be wearing each day, down to my jewelry and shoes. This helps me not over pack, and it is a godsend when you are trying to organize yourself. Make sure to check it twice to keep from over packing!

2. Mix and Match.

When in doubt mix it out! Bring a few bathing suits, that you can mix and match. Same goes for pants or shorts, etc. This really helps you bring only what you need!

3. Roll it!

I have found that rolling up all your items in your luggage, helps for organization, as well as takes up less room than folding.

4. Use your beach bag as your personal carry on!

Honestly when coming to our cottages, you do not need a beach bag, since you are already beachfront with us. But its always fashionable to have the perfect chic beach bag as a carry on while traveling.

5. Carry on.

Am I the only one who is scared of the airline loosing my luggage? When I can I try to pack all I can in my carry on. This way my goods stay with me, and I am not waiting longer than I need to after a long day of traveling! It also helps my nerves about my luggage, and gets my vacation started much quicker!

6. Travel size products

Travel size products are key to being able to bring your luggage with you. Do not forget to add some bug spray, the bugs in Eleuthera can be brutal. Also do not forget sunscreen! It is the basic necessity you need for Eleuthera!

7. You can always buy it there!

If you forget products, do not worry you can always purchase it on the island, it will be super expensive but hey on vacation there is no need to stress!

8. Check the weather.

Make sure you check the weather forecast before packing, it helps to know how to dress for your vacation. Fingers crossed for sunny skies and no rain!

9. Travel Outfit.

I always make sure the outfit I wear on the plane is the same outfit I wear home. Make sure you throw on a sweat shirt or jean jacket, so you have one for vacation. Bring a small laundry detergent to wash your items. If they do not have a washer or dryer, wash them in the sink!

10. Check with your rental if they have basic necessities!

Beach and bath towels are so bulky and take up so much room. Contact your resort to see what is included in your rental so you do not have to pack it. We provide towels, beach items, as well as bath accessories!

These are our favorite ways to make sure we are on track when vacationing. Safe traveling!

Comment below your favorite travel tips!!

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