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Why Vacationing With Your Besties Is Always A Great Idea!

For those of you who do not know, my name is Alissa, and I run all, well everything Bird of Paradise. I absolutely love it all, since I am and have always been a avid lover of all things beach! I enjoy sending our guests to Eleuthera and seeing what a fabulous time they all have, as well as living vicariously through them all from their pictures they post and messages they send!

My favorite part about the beach is just relaxing, feeling the sand in between your toes, and listening to the waves crash ashore, as the sun beams on your salty sun kissed tan skin. But in the last few years, my days of the beach have been much different. I have traded in my relaxing beach days, of just throwing a towel in a beach bag, and sunglasses, and laying on the beach, cocktail in hand, in peace... To grabbing my beach cart, with my thousand items for my kids (half of which we do not use), and anxiously praying my girls don't drown (I mean lets just be honest). I have become a Mother to two little girls, and one little baby boy! Alivia 5 and Andréa 3 1/2, both going on 33, and my newest little addition Angelo who is 3 months old! Needless to say I do not get many beach days, or any restful days, I love being a Mom, but the thrill of a relaxing kidless beach day, really is nice!

I have been a Mom for 5 years, and have enjoyed every single second of it. But with that I have lost the forever burning memories in my head of being at the beach in peace and quiet and just straight up relaxing. I have traded in reading a book on the beach while basking in the sun, to laying under an umbrella, building sandcastles that get repeatedly kicked, and re applying sunscreen.

Pre pandemic, in 2019, I came with a few of my best friends to Eleuthera, and stayed in our two bedroom Shooting Star cottage. My girlfriends and I overpacked our suitcases, took the ever so popular puddle jumpers over the ocean with fishes and sting rays swimming around in awe of how pretty they were! We left the airport and stopped at the liquor store at Burrows, and we were ready to recreate our 20's, and just relax. We all laid around, filled up our cups with our own endless Bahamian cocktail contraption, and swam in the private infinity pool where we ran between the picture perfect ocean and enjoyed the perfect picturesque views.

We woke up whenever we wanted to, enjoyed breakfast and sometimes lunch beachfront in our very own cottage, and had fun nights laying outside just doing nothing! The perfect vacation! It was the nicest most relaxing girl trip I think we have ever taken.

Being on constant "mommy mode", a beach trip with your besties is totally necessary to reset your mind, and be able to relax and just find peace at the beach. So grab your besties, and come stay beachfront with us! I promise it is the best way to reset yourself! Ten out of ten highly recommend! How do you reset yourself?


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