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Essentials To Bring to Eleuthera

Am I the only one who is always staring into oblivion when I am trying to pack?!? It may be my procrastination or just because I get so overwhelmed with not over-packing. Usually I am packing up until the very last second before I have to head for the airport. Before I know it I am throwing as much useless things into my suitcase which causes me to over pack, and better yet bring things I never needed in the first place. Eleuthera is a magical place, but a lot of times a lot of us question what to bring, because it is so secluded, and a secret island to say the least. Check out my previous post of the Essential Eleuthera Beach Packing Tips:

Here are some essentials, which I think you totally need when going to Eleuthera!

1. Map of the Island

It is no joke to say that when you are going to Eleuthera you are not only on island time, but you are living off grid with your cell phone! Eleuthera does not have the best cell service that we are all used to. Therefore having an old fashioned map of Eleuthera will help you immensely while traveling the island. Your phones GPS may not work on the island, so an ancient map will do just fine! Think of it as living on the edge a little!

2. Snacks/Food

If you are snack monsters like my two daughters who are the princesses of snacking, than you know how important snacks are! Snacks are a great thing to throw in your suitcase. Groceries and snacks are expensive on the island to say the least, about 3 times the price you may pay where you are from. A lot of people bring their own food with them to save a couple extra dollars. Throw whatever you can in your suitcase, that of course will not put your suitcase over weight.

Tip: Freeze some meat and bring it in a cooler on the plane.

3. Bug Spray

On some parts of the island the bugs are fine, on others the bugs are brutal. Bring some bug spray to get rid of those nasty island bugs!

4. Sunscreen

Stay protected!

5. School supplies for local schools!

It is always great to help out a school on the island. Schools in Eleuthera need supplies, and tourists help is always appreciated.

6. Reading Material- A good book or magazine

No other way to relax unless you have a good book, or a really gossipy magazine to read while tanning.

7. Cute Sunglasses and the perfect COVER UP!

We always need to look island chic!


Nothing is better than relaxing in our picture perfect beachfront infinity pools, BUT add a cute little float and it totally makes your dip much more enjoyable. Best part is it is totally the best Instagram pic you can get!

9. Book an Excursion

Want to feed the pigs or go for some fishing? Nothing better than feeding a little pig or better yet catching your dinner!

A great forum I love to check out with any questions is Eleuthera Forum on Facebook.

Check out Eleuthera Forum on Facebook for any questions you may have.


Hey! You are on vacation!

What are some of your reccomendations on your essentials while in Eleuthera?

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