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Why I Find Peace at the Beach...

For as long as I can possibly remember the beach has always been my escape. It has been the place I have bolted to if I ever needed a moment, and as everyone says, it is the cheapest form of therapy. It has always been my happy place, the special place that makes everything feel like I am safe, at home and at peace. When I go to the beach, I can simply quickly reset myself, and take a moment to reflect and readjust my life.

The most memorable sound I always adore hearing is waves crashing onto the shoreline. The smell of the salt water, the taste of the salty air and saltwater on your lips. Resting your body over top of the pink soft sand, on your perfect bright soft beach towel, and listening to those loud waves crashing ashore. One by one as each wave hits the sand to a different tone, each sounds differently, not one wave ever sounds the same. The sun hitting your eyes as you squint just a tiny bit to be able to see the clouds and sun beaming on you, it hitting your body, and feeling its body heat over you, the feeling of warmth and comfort, almost like your cuddling with the sun.

Digging into the sand, and making sandcastles at any age, brings you back to when you were a kid, careless and free, where your imagination runs wild. The beach takes you away, and really just takes all your worries away. Hearing the seagulls in a distance, feeling the sand in between your toes, and a very far distance really. For me the beach reminds me of my childhood, and gives me a sense of calmness, a sense that everything will be alright.

When you leave the beach, it sometimes felt like you brought the beach home with you with the endless amount of sand you had stored in your bathing suit, that you could make a sand castle out of it. The smell you bring home of the combination of sunscreen, saltwater, and a fresh suntan.

For as long as I could remember, I have always loved the beach. The beach has always given me a feeling of peace, and has always put me at ease. It has always been a reset button for me, to refresh myself, and make myself feel happier with any issues going on. The beach somehow is a little tiny oasis, which is an escape from reality even if it is just for a minute.

What is your special place where you feel peace?

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